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Hey! I'm Lexie, and this is the part where I get to talk about me and my family. As you can see from the photo above, we're a squad of four, AKA, The Penichets (pronounced Pe-ni-shay). 


My husband, Nick, is a teacher and a musician. He plays upright/electric bass and the piano, but his main focus is drums. Yup, I'm "the drummer's wife," and yes, it's pretty freakin awesome. We met at church a few years ago, and slowly, but then all at once fell in love. I still remember the moment I knew I was going to marry him; it was the day we started dating, and we were married 9 months later.  He ranks top notch in the areas of being a father and husband, and he loves Jesus with all of his heart. 


Our kiddos are Alaina (9yrs) and Elias (1yr), who have taught us a deeper meaning of life and love. Alaina plays the piano and plans to become a pro skateboarder. She is really, really good, so who knows, it might happen? As far as Elias goes, he is our chubby ball of love and giggles discovering new things in the world every day. 


As a family, we are passionate followers of Jesus and strive to be more like Him, and love others more like Him every day. He's the back bone of our businesses and our family. On Sundays, you can catch us leading worship at our church, Nexus Church. 

As for me, I'm a photographer and a graphic designer, but my favorite titles are Wife & Mother. There's something about creating children and building a life with my husband that I just can't get enough of. We're hustlers, providers, and protectors. Together, there's nothing we can't accomplish.   


Things I love include exploring KC, trying all the local restaurants (I'd be a foodie if I had the time), listening to any kind of live music (if you haven't caught on by now, we're all about the music), the Royals, Chiefs, and BBQ (basic Kansas Citian things), Nextflix, Amazon Prime, Lagunitas IPA, and coffee. I will never say no to iced coffee. I have two nieces and a nephew, whom I totally adore, and Nick and I are fortunate enough to have our siblings as best friends. We're really close to our families in general. 


My passion for photography stems from a deep value for life and the beauty that comes with it, found in both joy and in pain. Photography is my way of capturing raw emotion and turning it into moments that last forever. Whether it's your first dance as husband and wife or your child's first breath of life, through a photograph, you get to relive those moments time and time again. 



let's get back to your wedding 

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